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"I received three of your beers as a gift for Christmas and I must say, having tried plenty of different ales from plenty of different breweries, big and small, your beers are some of the best I have tasted. Each still had the freshly brewed smell that can only be found from micro-brews, and each had a beautiful taste which are exactly as described. I hope to taste them, and more, in future."

"Your beers... have an incredibly strong and well thought out branding which helps, but perhaps more importantly the beers themselves are very good." - Leigh, Friday Beer buyer


Friday Gold.

"Lovely beer!"

"Great beer!"

"My favourite!"



Pinnacle"Pinnacle is a remarkable beer, in fact it's the best I've ever drunk..."

Summer Hill Blonde. "Just tried Summer Hill Blonde. Somewhat delicious!"

Black Hill Stout"Your Black Hill Stout is brewed in Heaven. Are you able to pipe it directly to my house in Malvern Wells please?"

"The stout is as good, if not better, than Guinness." - Andy Evans of A.C.E Chef Services