Beers for Webbs

We're extremely excited to be collaborating with Webbs. They've launched their own range of beers, brewed by Friday Beer. 

Here's how they taste:

Wychbold Glory
This is a 5.0% ABV dark bitter style of ale produced with three hops; Goldings, Bramling Cross and Target. It has a honey like sweetness and a smooth easy to drink texture. The hop flavours are delicately balanced with the flavours of the malts which include barley and rye. This style of beer goes well with classic British pub foods such as ploughman’s lunches, hot cheese dishes as well as vegetarian dishes such as bakes with root vegetables. The extra strength of this particular beer will also make a great drink to go with roasts, casseroles or sausage and mash.
Kinver Gem
This is a pale ale with an ABV of 4.2%. Made with Bramling Cross and Target hops it will have aromas of blackcurrant and some customers may detect the slightest hint of aniseed. This drink is very light and refreshing to the pallet. This style of beer goes well with foods that have a creamy sauce or dressing such as chicken or  salmon. Dishes based on sweet vegetables such as red peppers or butternut squash will also compliment this beer.
Wordsley wonder
This is a 5% ABV single hop beer made with Fuggles. This pale ale is soft in texture and has mint flavours delicately complimented by a very slight hint of saltiness. This is a very unusual beer that is light and refreshing to the pallet and has combined the hop and malt flavours to produce a unique character.
As with Kinver Gem this drink will compliment a range chicken and fish dishes. Although its unique character lends it to pairing with many other food types from roast chicken to gourmet burgers.