Friday Beer is extremely excited to announce that it is now on sale at the world's most famous department store, Harrod's.

Gerald Williams, Director of Friday Beer, said, “we’ve been up and running for about three years now and we’re extremely proud to be one of a small number of beers sold by the prestigious London shop, both in store and on their website. We believe this is testament to the effort we put into perfecting the recipes and tastes of our beers, as well as the high quality branding of the product. We hope our beers will be great ambassadors for Malvern.

“Three years ago we started brewing in a Directors kitchen. Today we are in a 1300 square feet brewery and our beer is being bought by the rich and famous. Harrods have taken our Black Hill Stout, the customers’ favourite Friday Gold and our new Summer Hill Blonde, and apparently they’re all going down a treat in London.

“We’ll continue to focus our efforts on building relationships across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We’re very proud to be part of such an excellent hop and fruit growing region filled with wonderful local beer and cider producers.”