Kilimanjaro Climb

Pam, Friday Beer customer and friend, is climbing Kilimanjaro later this year to raise money for a good cause. Here's her story. We're proud to be supporting her.
Kili-chilli-climber: the story so far
When your friend asks if you are up to a climb for her birthday you say "OK, I’m 
in" and hit the send button. You kind of have a smile on your face that first couple 
of weeks when you say to people what mountain you are climbing because 
it sounds really cool. Then the training starts. You still feel pretty good about the 
adventure – lots of people have climbed Kilimanjaro, some with very little training, or so they
Then the training gets serious and the hurting starts, as does the added pain when 
you actually climb in Wales – with poles – still quite cool though – the novelty is still 
So now the fundraising has gone live and I am talking to lots of people – not just my 
friends – about the climb and the responses take on a different hue – you’re brave 
(is this because of my age?) – LOTS of luck – that’s some challenge – suddenly it feels 
different and a note of panic creeps into my mind…
But you know what? It’s still the biggest and best thing I have ever agreed to do and 
part of the reason for that is the charity I am climbing for. Worcestershire Animal 
Rescue Shelter ( is a vibrant and caring charity who rescue and re-
home cats, dogs and hens. Having a life time of mainly cats but also dogs in my life, 
currently Miss Daisy my little rescue cat, I cannot emphasise how important their work 
is. They are on hand not just for the abandoned, stray, neglected and abused pets but 
also for those whose families simply cannot afford their beloved pets any more.
So I am now in week two of my fundraising and have many people to thank already. I am 
organising a charity auction and already The Friday Beer Company have very kindly 
donated beer for the auction; Harry Tuffins are providing a food hamper. There is 
a snooker lesson from one of only 135 World Snooker coaches in the world and a 
holistic therapy session from Malvern's leading Centre for Wellbeing – these are just 
a few of the goodies which people are offering. Keep an eye open for info on the 
auction – as soon as I have found a venue I’ll let everyone know.
I am to be found rattling my spare change bucket at the Markets and Events I trade 
at – have a look at my events page on the web site for dates and 
locations. I also have to say a big thank you to the traders I work with – without fail 
they have all put their hands in their pockets and donated so thank you.
Please visit my online donation page and 
donate whatever you can spare.