Malvern Pils - 12 x 330ml bottles

Bottle of Malvern PilsMalvern Pils is a bright and pale gold lager crafted by the Friday Beer team using traditional malts and European hops. The brew is fermented at low temperature with a genuine lager yeast and cold conditioned for several weeks before bottling. The world famous Malvern spring water used for the brew adds that extra smooth mouth feel resulting in a unique drinking experience. We believe it is a fabulously refreshing alternative too many other lagers.

From:      £25.00

Summer Hill Blonde - 12 x 500ml bottles

Summer Hill BlondeA vibrant blend of malted barley, oats and wheat gives this pale ale a higher malt profile than expected from its colour and strength. The careful selection of hops and yeast contributes to its aromas and complexity. You might detect a hint of pineapple or blackcurrant. This ale can be drunk chilled and is a perfect drink for summer 

From:      £25.00

Friday Gold Ale -12 x 500ml bottles

Friday GoldThis is a smooth citrus flavoured golden ale with an ABV of 5.6%. Made with a combination of English and American hops we have created an ale that will lighten up your taste buds.

From:      £26.00

Pinnacle Ale - 12 x 500ml bottles

PinncaleBased on a traditional British bitter this ale is delicious as we have given it a small twist. Our recipe includes a touch of Rye gives it a taste like no other. This beer will surprise and delight your taste buds and not just on a Friday.

From:      £25.00

Jubilee Ale - 12 x 500ml bottles

JubileeFull of flavour and very easy to drink this recipe is a classic in the making. Based on the concept of the Mild Ale this modern version is medium-dark session ale great on its own or with food.

From:      £24.00

Black Hill Stout - 12 x 500ml bottles

Black Hill StoutStout is becoming a very fashionable beer again and we are confident Black Hill will be a favourite. This smooth sweet version of the old classic will make you smile. Even if you dislike other stouts give this one a chance - it is delicious. This drink is full of complex malty flavours.

From:      £25.00

Handmade beer crates to take 12 bottles

Beer CrateFor collection from the brewery only or local delivery these crates are unique. They are manufactured by us using scrap wood from delivery packaging and then braded using the handmade “The Friday Beer Co” branding iron. They make a fabulous addition to your kitchen and the perfect place to store your Friday Beer.


From:      £29.00

Point of Sale Friday Beer pack

Beer PackThis includes our beer mats, one of our fantastic pump clips and one of our unique branded wooden blocks found in shops and bars featuring our ales. We will also throw in one of each of our 5 bottle labels.

From:      £19.00

Pin of Friday Beer of your choice

This item is only available for individuals living with a 20 mile radius of the brewery. We will supply a Pin (20 litre container of ale) to your home or event location. We will put a tap into the Pin and give you simple instructions on how to pour the perfect pint. We will then collect the empty Pin when you have finished.

All ale types are subject to availability. An extra £20 refundable deposit on the Pin will be taken on delivery or collection.

From:      £60.00