Malvern Pils - 12 x 330ml bottles

Bottle of Malvern Pils Malvern Pils is a bright and pale gold lager crafted by the Friday Beer team using traditional malts and European hops. The brew is fermented at low temperature with a genuine lager yeast and cold conditioned for several weeks before bottling. The world famous Malvern spring water used for the brew adds that extra smooth mouth feel resulting in a unique drinking experience. We believe it is a fabulously refreshing alternative too many other lagers.

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Multiple box orders: Orders of 24 or more bottles can be shipped at a reduced cost; please call the brewery on 01684 572 648 or email us for a price.

Price: For 12 bottles is £25 collected / £37 shipped

Collect from brewery £25.00
Delivered £37.00