Our Beers

We have a great range of bottle conditioned premium ales at The Friday Beer Company to brighten up your weekend or give you that Friday feeling any night of the week.

We have a beer for every season of the year, from our Summer Hill Blonde to our dark and warming Black Hill Stout.

Friday Gold

This is refreshing golden ale with a rich malty flavours that are supported by the earthy 2020 Friday GoldEnglish Fuggles hops. The addition of American hops blended with the malted wheat produces a citrus note.

Summer Hill Blonde

A vibrant blend of malted barley, oats and wheat gives this pale ale a higher malt profile than expected from its colour and strength. The careful selection of hops and yeast contributes to its aromas and complexity. You might detect a hint of pineapple or blackcurrant. This ale can be drunk chilled and is a perfect drink for summer.

Summer Hill Blonde


Based on a traditional British bitter this ale is delicious as we have given it a small twist. Our recipe combines a variety of hops with grain to produce first class ale but a touch of Rye gives it a taste like no other. This beer will surprise and delight your taste buds and not just on a Friday.SS859885


WR14 (the brewery postcode!) is a naturally sweet, hoppy ale with a full bodied texture. It has citrus and spice aromas derived from a blend of English and European hops.WR14


Full of flavour and very easy to drink this recipe is a classic in the making. Based on the concept of the Mild Ale this modern version is a medium dark session ale good on its own or with food.Jubilee

Black Hill Stout

Produced with a blend of six malts and roasted barley this drink has a complex flavour. The hint of fruitiness comes from adding the hops late in the brewing process and is balanced by the malty chocolate and toffee flavours. This is a smooth, well balanced version of an old classic.Black Hill Stout

Serving Tips

All our ales are best served cool but not too cold.

The fine layer of healthy yeast in each bottle is part of the natural process of brewing and helps generate natural carbonation.

Store your beer upright and pour it in one smooth motion to enjoy your beer without sediment.

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